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Interviste positive A'ksent Academy

Name: Ludovica Magni

1) My positive role model is Guido Franchi, an equestrian. He is a Corporal Major of the Army and when he was 20 won a significant number of races. Guido rides very well and one day I hope I’ll ride like him. I met him 1 year ago. He’s very kind; He gave a training to me and my horse. His suggestions were very useful always helpful in difficult situation during a race. I’ m very grateful to have met Guido and hope to have another training session with him helping me to improve as equestrian.

2) On 12 March 2023, Italy qualified in second place at the National Cup in Monte Libreti, Roma. The prize was a ‘slot’ for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. This piece of news took my attention because every member of the team was young. I know a member of the team. This pushes me to believe in my dreams because they are not so far away.

3) The International News which took my attention was the withdrawal of ‘Hermes, Simone Delestre’s horse. It was very touching and a loss which is unbearable. He is 20 and I’ll have the honour to see him in action at Verona23 (his horse jump is awork of art). I am so happy to have this opportunity.

4) I don’t watch TV or read newspapers. I get to know what’s happening in the world if someone tell me. So, I think I am not prepared enough to be a director of TV news programme. Positive news should be encouraged to create positivity among the people who read them.

Name: Binayak Scampini

1) My positive role model is Tiger Woods a professional golf player. He became the best golf player when he was 20, and although he had a very difficult personal story he is still a legend. I want to become as Tiger not for his money or his fame but for his tenacity and willpower on always striving to be the best.

2) The most positive Italian news that impressed me was that after Covid-19 people returned to go out to spend their money and this brought to an increase of the economy and the richness of cities.

3) An impressive news that I heard about was that many people and industries are fighting against the climate change. For example they have already decided to remove all cars with fossil fuels by 2035.

4) If I were the director of a TV news program or newspaper I will give 50% of the space to positive news. People should also know about the negative aspect of the world in order to work and make a change to remove it.

Name: Eleonora Elia

1) My positive role model is Gandhi, since when we read his story in the elementary school. According to me, he has always been a model of positivity and peace.

2) Book lovers in Rome were very happy when a “special” bookshop opened a few weeks ago. It aims to promote the level of reading even in those who stopped buying books due to the cost of new editions. This project works in a very simple way: anyone can enter and take up to 3 books per visit, leaving a free offer.

3) Europe’s love of train travels is about to transform the continent’s solar energy as the Swiss set to begin installing solar panels in between train tracks.

4) If I were the director of a TV news programme I will work to spread positivity as much as possible.

Name: Giorgia Beduschi

1) My positive role model is my mum. She always knows what to do. She is not scared of anything and always helps other people with everything. Maybe in the future I would like to be like her ‘A Confident woman’ with a very good job, 22/03/2023 , a beautiful family and a lot of friends.

2) In Italy, Sergio Mattarella re-elected as Italian President again. Got 759 votes. I am happy for this.